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Books by Douglas Warren Greenfield

A Time To Run
Adventure - Travel - Romance - History
Canada - Afghanistan - England - Italy -Germany

An historically based novel by:
Douglas W. Greenfield
ISBN 978-1-4602-2277-5 Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-4602-2278-2 Paperback
ISBN 978-1-4602-2279-9 eBook

Editor & Research by:
Maggie M. Greenfield BA-I.C.S

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A Time To Run - Book by Douglas Warren Greenfield

Set within actual documented historical events from modern day Afghanistan through the nostalgic and war torn years of WW II you will be caught up in one man’s dream to redefine history.

Nearly one hundred years ago Spanish philosopher George Santayana warned the world that, “Those who do not remember the past will be condemned to relive it!” Albert Connor, a retired Canadian Veteran, is tormented daily by today's global news, the gnawing memories of war and loss of his lovely fiancé. The devastations of that war and global oppression are events that Lieutenant Connor would change in a heartbeat if he could only transcend the bonds of time.

In A Time to Run only those who see the invisible can do the impossible and here the impossible is only a dream away. With the borders of reality increasingly blurred the old soldier escapes from doctors care during a dream therapy session and embarks upon a wild chase beyond enemy lines finishing in a face-off with Hitler himself.

Was it all a dream or did it become reality? Can true love be lost forever? Is Santayana's philosophy still relevant today?

A Time To Run Cover illustration by World Class
Canadian Artist, Robert Bailey

978-1-4602-2278-2 Paperback

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Child of the Land
Adventure - History - Travel - Humour
Homesteading in Canada's North

An autobiography by:
Douglas W. Greenfield

Editor & Research by:
Maggie M. Greenfield BA-I.C

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A story of humour and adventure!
Follow me through the fun of growing up on a homestead in Canada’s north and building an exciting life of adventure, travel and challenge.

A true story of humour, adventure and travel, Child of the Land begins with pioneering life on a homestead in northern Canada. Starting with a short family history, the story humorously progresses into cabin living and the fun and challenge of building the homestead. Each chapter then embraces a different theme that recounts those experiences from the author's childhood beginnings to a life of travel and adventure. Each is an account of how every aspect of homestead life had an impact upon his future years and that almost all that he needed to know about life, he learned from the land.

"I have enjoyed telling of the great fulfillment that came from pursuing my gifts and following my dreams across the world," says the author. "The wild lands of the great Peace River Country were a garden out of which grew knowledge, skill and adventure, preparing me for an exciting and meaningful life to come. From hard work and family fun to wild encounters with danger, life was never dull. Adventure began the moment I was old enough to walk and was experienced daily through resident wildlife, comical neighbours and crazy experiments. Hazard or humour, it is all the same in the end. Once you are safely home again, the incident becomes a story to be told and retold for others to enjoy. Dangers of hunting, exploring, flying and skydiving became part of my 'normal' lifestyle and provide exciting reading for the adventurous heart.

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